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      |-------France, Jean II The Good 
|------France, Charles V The Wise 
|     |-------of Bohemia-Luxembourg, Judith 
France, Charles VIThe Beloved
|------of Bourbon, Joan 

Gender: Male
Birth : 3 December 1368 in Paris, Ranska
Death : 22 October 1422 in Pariisi, Ranska
Family France - of Bavaria
Marriage: 17 July 1385 in Amiens

      |-------Bavaria, Stephan II mit der Hafte 
|------of Bavaria-Ingolstadt, Stephan III 
|     |-------of Sicily, Isabella 
of Bavaria, Isabelle
|------Visconti, Thaddea 

Gender: Female
Birth : 1371 in Munich
Death : 24 September 1435 in Pariisi, Ranska

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      |-------France, Philip VI 
|------France, Jean II The Good 
|     |-------of Burgundy, Joan 
France, Charles V The Wise
|     |-------Luxembourg, Jan 
|------of Bohemia-Luxembourg, Judith 
      |-------of Bohemia, Elisabeth 

Gender: Male
Birth : 21 January 1337 in Vincennes, Ranska
Death : 16 September 1380 in Vincennes, Ranska
Family France - of Bourbon
Marriage: 8 April 1350

of Bourbon, Joan

Gender: Female
Birth : 1338 in Vincennes
Death : 4 February 1378 in Pariisi, Ranska
France, Charles VIThe Beloved

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      |-------Valois, Charles 
|------France, Philip VI 
|     |-------, - 
France, Jean II The Good
|     |-------Bourgogne, Robert II 
|------of Burgundy, Joan 
      |-------France, Agnes 

Gender: Male
Birth : 26 April 1319 in Le Mans, Ranska
Death : 8 April 1364 in Lontoo
Family France - of Bohemia-Luxembourg
Marriage: 28 July 1332 in Melun

      |-------Luxembourg, Henri VII 
|------Luxembourg, Jan 
|     |-------Brabant, Margarethe 
of Bohemia-Luxembourg, Judith
|     |-------of Bohemia, Vaclav II 
|------of Bohemia, Elisabeth 
      |-------of Habsburg, Gutta 

Gender: Female
Birth : 20 May 1315
Death : 11.9.13491
France, Charles V The Wise
Bourgogne, Philip le Hardi

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|------Valois, Charles 
France, Philip VI
|------, - 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1293
Death : 22 August 1350 in Nogent-le-Roi, Ranska
Family France - of Burgundy
Marriage: 1313 in Fontainebleau

|------Bourgogne, Robert II 
of Burgundy, Joan
|     |-------France, Louis IX 
|------France, Agnes 
      |-------Provence, Marguerite 

Gender: Female
Birth : 1293
Death : 12 September 1349 in Pariisi
France, Jean II The Good

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Valois, Charles

Gender: Male
Birth : 1270 in Fontainebleau, Ranska
Death : 1325
Family Valois -
, -

Gender: Female
France, Philip VI

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      |-------Stewart, Walter 
|------Stewart, Robert II 
|     |-------Bruce, Marjory 
Stewart, Robert III
|     |-------Mure of Rowallan, Adam 
|------Mure of Rowallan, Elizabeth 
      |-------Mure, Janet 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1337 in Dundonald, Ayrshire, Skotland
Death : 4 April 1406 in Rothsay Castle, Skotland
Family Stewart - Drummond
Marriage: 13 March 1366 in Skotland

|------of Stobhall Drummond, John 
Drummond, Anabella
|------Montefichet, Mary Margaret 

Gender: Female
Birth : 1350 in Stobhall, Cargill, Perthshire, Skotland
Death : 1401 in Scone Palace Perthshire

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      |-------Drwyndwn, Iorwerth 
|------Iorwerth, Llywelyn Fawr 'the Great' 
|     |-------, Margaret 
Llewelyn, Dafydd
|     |-------of England, Johan l Utan Land 
|------of England, Joan 
      |-------Ferrers, Agatha 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1209
Death : 3.1246
Family Llewelyn - Braose
|------Braose, William V 
Braose, Isabella
|------Marshall, Eve 

Gender: Female
Birth : Bramber, Sussex, England
Llewelyn, Helen

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Braose, William V

Gender: Male
Family Braose - Marshall
Marshall, Eve

Gender: Female
Braose, Isabella

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      |-------Pommern-Wologoszcz-Rhugen, Wartislaw IV 
|------Pommern-Wologoszcz, Barnim IV 
|     |-------Schlesien-Schweidnitz, Elisabeth 
Pommern, Wartislaw VI
|------of Werle, Sofia 

Gender: Male
Birth : about 1345
Death : 13 June 1394
Family Pommern - Mecklenburg-Stargard
Marriage: 4 April 1363

Mecklenburg-Stargard, Anna

Gender: Female
Birth : 1346
Death : 14 March 1399
of Pommern, Sophie

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      |-------Pomerania-Wolgast, Bogislaw IV 
|------Pommern-Wologoszcz-Rhugen, Wartislaw IV 
|     |-------of Ruegen, Marguerite 
Pommern-Wologoszcz, Barnim IV
|     |-------Schlesien-Schweidnitz, Bolko I 
|------Schlesien-Schweidnitz, Elisabeth 
      |-------Brandenburg, Beatrix 

Gender: Male
Birth : 17 July 1325
Death : 22 August 1365
Family Pommern-Wologoszcz - of Werle
Marriage: 1343

of Werle, Sofia

Gender: Female
Birth : 1325
Death : 5 September 1364
Pommern, Wartislaw VI

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of Serbia, Urosh I

Gender: Male
Birth : about 1087 in Serbia
Death : 1130
Family of Serbia - Diogenissa
Diogenissa, Anna

Gender: Female
Birth : 1093
, Helena (Jelena)

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      |-------of Hainault, Reginar II 
|------of Hainault, Reginar  III 
|     |-------of Burgundy, Adelaide 
of Louvain, Lambert I
|     |-------Louvain, Lambert 
|------Louvain, Adela 
      |-------van de Betuwe, N.N. 

Gender: Male
Birth : about 950
Death : 12 September 1015
Family of Louvain - of Lorraine
Marriage: about 990

      |-------of Frange, Ludvig IV (Merentakainen) 
|------of Lorraine, Charles 
|     |-------Sachsen, Gerberga 
of Lorraine, Gerberga
|     |-------Vermandois, Herbert III 
|------Vermandois, Agnes 
      |-------Bar-sur-Seine, Ermengarde 

Gender: Female
Birth : 977 in Louvain, Brabant, Belgia
Death : 27 January 1018
Löwen, Lambert III Baudry
of Louvain, Matilde

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      |-------of Maasgau, Giselbert II 
|------of Lorraine, Rainer (Regnier) I 
|     |-------of Italy, Ermengarde  (Irmgard) 
of Hainault, Reginar II
|------of France, Hersent 

Gender: Male
Birth : 892 in Ranska
Death : 973
Family of Hainault - of Burgundy
Marriage: 905

      |-------of Metz, Budwine 
|------Burgundy, Richard II The Justicar 
|     |-------Arles, Richilde 
of Burgundy, Adelaide
|     |-------of Burgandy, Konrad II 
|------Auxerre, Adelis (Adelheid) 
      |-------, Waldrada 

Gender: Female
of Hainault, Reginar III

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      |-------Maasgau, Giselbert I 
|------of Maasgau, Giselbert II 
|     |-------Hesbaye, Bertswinda 
of Lorraine, Rainer (Regnier) I
|     |-------of Italy, Lothar I 
|------of Italy, Ermengarde  (Irmgard) 
      |-------Tours, Ermengarde 

Gender: Male
Birth : 860 in Ranska
Death : 19 January 916 in Meersen, Palatine
Family of Lorraine - of France
Marriage: 889

of France, Hersent

Gender: Female
Birth : 865 in Lorraine, Ranska
Death : 916 in Palatine
of Lorraine, Gilbert
of Hainaut, Simphoriane
of Hainault, Reginar II

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of Zulpichgau, Baudry

Gender: Male
Birth : 885
Family of Zulpichgau -
, -

Gender: Female
of Zulpichgau, Richwara

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      |-------of Kiev, Mstislaw I (Harald) 
|------of Kiev, Izyaslav II 
|     |-------of Sweden, Kristina 
of Kiev, Mstislav II The Brave
|------of Hohenstaufen, N.N. 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1124 in Vladimir-Volynsk, Volyn', Ukraina
Death : 19 August 1170
Family of Kiev - of Poland
Marriage: 1152 in Krakbow, Poland

      |-------of Poland, Wladislaw I Herman 
|------of Poland, Boleslaw III Krzywousty 
|     |-------of Bohemia, Sophie-Judith (Jutta) 
of Poland, Agnieszka
|     |-------of Berg, Heinrich 
|------of Berg-Schelkingen, Salome 
      |-------of Monchenthal, Adelaide 

Gender: Female
Birth : 1137 in Krakbow, Puola
Death : 1181
of Galicia, Roman

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      |-------of Kiev, Mstislav II  The Brave 
|------of Galicia, Roman 
|     |-------of Poland, Agnieszka 
of Galicia, Daniil
|     |-------of Byzantine, Isaac II Angelus 
|------of Byzantine, Anna 
      |-------Kommenos, Eirene 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1201 in Galich, Stanoslav, Ukraina
Death : 1264
Family of Galicia - of Novgorod
Marriage: 1218 in Novgorod, Venäjä

      |-------of Nowgorod, Mstislaw 
|------of Novgorod Seversk, Mstislav The Bold 
|     |-------of Ryazan, Miss 
of Novgorod, Anna
|------of Kumans, Miss 

Gender: Female
Birth : 1205 in Novgorod, Venäjä
of Galicia, Ustiniya
of Galicia, Lev I
of Galicia, Sophie
Gender: Female
Birth : 1255
Death : 1307

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      |-------of Kiev, Rostislaw I Michail 
|------of Nowgorod, Mstislaw 
|     |-------, N.N. 
of Novgorod Seversk, Mstislav The Bold
|     |-------of Ryazan, Gleb 
|------of Ryazan, Miss 
      |-------of Pereyaslavl, Efrosiniya 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1176 in Novgorod, Venäjä
Family of Novgorod Seversk - of Kumans
of Kumans, Miss

Gender: Female
Birth : 1183 in Novgorod, Venäjä
of Novgorod, Anna

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Laskaris, Theodoros I

Gender: Male
Birth : 1175 in Nicaea, Bursa, Turkki
Death : 1222
Family Laskaris - of Byzantine
Marriage: 1199 in Konstantinopolis, Turkki

of Byzantine, Anna Komnene Angelina

Gender: Female
Birth : about 1156 in Konstantinopolis, Turkki
Death : 1212
Laskarina, Maria

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      |-------of Hungary, Bela III 
|------of Hungary, Andras II 
|     |-------Chatillon, Agnes 
of Hungary, Bela IV
|     |-------Andechs, Bertold IV 
|------of Andechs, Gertrud 
      |-------Nieder-Lausitz, Agnes 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1206 in Esztergom, Komarom-Esztergom, Unkari
Death : 3 May 1270
Family of Hungary - Laskarina
|------Laskaris, Theodoros I 
Laskarina, Maria
|------of Byzantine, Anna Komnene Angelina 

Gender: Female
Birth : 1206 in Nicaea, Bursa, Turkki
Death : 1270
of Hungary, Anna
of Hungary, Ilona (Jolan)
of Hungary, Istvan V