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      |-------Savoie, Amadeo II 
|------Savoie, Umbert II 
|     |-------Geneve, Johanna 
Savoie, Amadeo III
|     |-------Bourgogne, Guillaume I 
|------Bourgogne, Gisela 
      |-------Longwy, Stephanie 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1092
Death : 1 August 1148 in Cyprus
Family Savoie - of Albon
Marriage: 1123

|------Viennois, Guigo IV 
of Albon, Mathilde
|------, - 

Gender: Female
Birth : Ranska
Death : 1.1145
of Savoy, Matilda
Savoie, Umbert III le Saint

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Viennois, Guigo IV

Gender: Male
Death : 1162
Family Viennois -
, -

Gender: Female
of Albon, Mathilde

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      |-------Savoie, Otto I 
|------Savoie, Amadeo II 
|     |-------of Susa, Adelaide 
Savoie, Umbert II
|     |-------of Egisheim, Gerold III 
|------Geneve, Johanna 
      |-------, Gisela 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1062 in Savoy, Ranska
Death : 14 October 1103
Family Savoie - Bourgogne
Marriage: 1090

      |-------Bourgogne, Renaud I 
|------Bourgogne, Guillaume I 
|     |-------Normandy, Adelaide 
Bourgogne, Gisela
|     |-------of Longwy, Adalbert III 
|------Longwy, Stephanie 
      |-------Foix, Clemence 

Gender: Female
Birth : 1070 in Bourgogne, Ranska
Death : 1133
Savoie, Adele
Savoie, Amadeo III

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      |-------of Egisheim, Hugo VI 
|------of Egisheim, Gerhard II 
|     |-------Dagsburg, Heilwig 
of Egisheim, Gerold III
|     |-------of Schanis, Udalrich 
|------Burgundy, Bertha 
      |-------Burgundy, Mathilda 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1020
Death : 1061
Family of Egisheim -
, Gisela

Gender: Female
Birth : 1020
Geneve, Johanna

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      |-------of Nordgau, Hugo V 
|------of Egisheim, Hugo VI 
|     |-------of Ortenburg, Berlinda 
of Egisheim, Gerhard II
|     |-------Dagsburg, Ludwig 
|------Dagsburg, Heilwig 
      |-------Öhningen, Judith 

Gender: Male
Birth : 995 in Egisheim
Death : 1038
Family of Egisheim - Burgundy
|------of Schanis, Udalrich 
Burgundy, Bertha
|     |-------of Burgundy, Konrad I 
|------Burgundy, Mathilda 
      |-------France, Mathilde 

Gender: Female
Birth : 1000
of Egisheim, Gerold III

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Vienne, Gerard I

Gender: Male
Birth : 1112
Death : 1180
Family Vienne - Salins
Salins, Guigonne (Maurette)

Gender: Female
Birth : 1114 in Salins, Seine et Marne, Ranska
Vienne, Beatrix

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      |-------of Bavaria, Carloman 
|------Bayern, Arnulf 
|     |-------of Carinthia, Litwinde 
of East Franks, Glismode
|     |-------France, Eudes 
|------of France, Oda 
      |-------, Theodrata 

Gender: Male
Birth : 930
Family of East Franks - of East Franks
of East Franks, N.N.

Gender: Female
of Ortenburg, Berlinda

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      |-------Savoie, Umbert II 
|------Savoie, Amadeo III 
|     |-------Bourgogne, Gisela 
Savoie, Umbert III le Saint
|     |-------Viennois, Guigo IV 
|------of Albon, Mathilde 
      |-------, - 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1 August 1136 in Savoy, Ranska
Death : 4 March 1188 in Ranska
Family Savoie - Vienne
Marriage: 1175

|------Vienne, Gerard I 
Vienne, Beatrix
|------Salins, Guigonne (Maurette) 

Gender: Female
Birth : 1138 in Vienne, Isere, Ranska
Death : 1184 in Gatinais, Ranska
Savoie, Thomas I

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      |-------of Leon, Ferdinand II 
|------of Leon, Alfonso IX 
|     |-------of Portugal, Urraca 
Molino Castilla, Alfonso
|     |-------of Castile, Alfonso VIII Sanchez 
|------of Castile, Berengaria Alfonsez 
      |-------of England, Eleanor 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1204 in Espanja
Death : 1272
Family Molino Castilla - Mayor
Marriage: 1245

Mayor, Mayor

Gender: Female
Birth : 1222
Death : 1265
Molino, Maria Alfonsa

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de Padilla, Juan Garcia

Gender: Male
Family de Padilla - de Henestrosa
de Henestrosa, Maria Fernandez

Gender: Female
de Padilla, Maria

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      |-------d'Aragon, Alfonso IIthe Chaste 
|------d'Aragon, Pedro IIThe Catholic 
|     |-------of Castile, Sancha 
d'Aragon, Jaime IThe Conqueror
|------Montpellier-Muret, Maria 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1 February 1207 in Ranska
Death : 25 July 1276
Family d'Aragon -
Marriage: 8 September 1235

      |-------of Hungary, Bela III 
|------of Hungary, Andras II 
|     |-------Chatillon, Agnes 
, Yolande Violante
|     |-------Courtenay, Pierre II 
|------Courtenay, Yolande 
      |-------, Yolande 

Gender: Female
Birth : 1219
Death : 9 October 1251
d'Aragon, Isabella
d'Aragon, Pedro III The Great

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      |-------of Aragon, Ramond IV Berenger 
|------d'Aragon, Alfonso IIthe Chaste 
|     |-------of Aragon, Petronilla 
d'Aragon, Pedro IIThe Catholic
|     |-------of Castile-Leon, Alofnso VII 
|------of Castile, Sancha 
      |-------of Poland, Richeza (Ryksa) 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1185 in Espanja
Death : 12 September 1213 in Ranska
Family d'Aragon - Montpellier-Muret
Marriage: 5 July 1204

Montpellier-Muret, Maria

Gender: Female
Birth : 1183
Death : 21 April 1213 in Rooma, Italia
d'Aragon, Jaime IThe Conqueror

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      |-------of Aragon, Berenger III 
|------of Aragon, Ramond IV Berenger 
|     |-------of Provence, Dulce 
d'Aragon, Alfonso IIthe Chaste
|     |-------of Aragon, Ramiro II  Sanchez The Monk 
|------of Aragon, Petronilla 
      |-------of Poitou, Agnes 

Gender: Male
Birth : 4 April 1152 in Barcelona, Espanja
Death : 25 April 1196 in Avignon, Ranska
Family d'Aragon - of Castile
Marriage: 18 January 1174 in Espanja

      |-------Bourgogne, Raimond 
|------of Castile-Leon, Alofnso VII 
|     |-------of Castile-Leon, Urraca Jimeno 
of Castile, Sancha
|     |-------of Poland, Wladyslaw II 
|------of Poland, Richeza (Ryksa) 
      |-------of Austria, Agnes 

Gender: Female
Birth : 21 September 1154 in Toledo, Castile,Espanja
Death : 9 November 1208 in Jaen, Espanja
d'Aragon, Pedro IIThe Catholic
of Provence, Alphonso II

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      |-------of Austria, Adalbert The Victorious 
|------of Austria, Ernst The Valiant 
|     |-------of Venice, Frowila 
of Austria, Leopold II
|     |-------of Ostmark, Dedi II 
|------of Ostmark, Adelheid 
      |-------of Lausatia, Oda 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1055 in Niederosterreich, Itävalta
Death : 12 October 1096
Family of Austria - of Cham
Marriage: in Cham, Oberpfalz, Bavaria

      |-------Angstgau, Diepold I 
|------of Cham, Ratpoto IV 
|     |-------Schweinfurt, Maria 
of Cham, Ida
|     |-------of Kastl, Hermann I 
|------of Kastl, Mathilde 
      |-------of Diessen, Haziga 

Gender: Female
Birth : 1060 in Cham, Oberpfalz, Bavaria
Death : 1101
of Austria, Leopold III The Saint

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      |-------of Kennemerland, Dirk I 
|------of Holland, Dirk II 
|     |-------of Friesland, Geva 
of Holland, Arnulf
|     |-------of Flanders, Arnulf I 
|------of Flanders, Hildegard 
      |-------of Vermandois, Adele Alice 

Gender: Male
Birth : 961 in Flandre Orientale,Belgia
Death : 18 September 993
Family of Holland - Luxembourg
Marriage: 980

      |-------Aachen, Wigeric 
|------of Luxembourg, Siegfried 
|     |-------, Ermentrude 
Luxembourg, Liutgard
|     |-------of Nordgau, Eberhard IV 
|------of Saxony, Hedwig 
      |-------of Triergau, Luitgarde 

Gender: Female
Birth : 963 in Brabant, Belgia
Death : 14 May 995
of Holland, Dirk III
Beaumont, Hildeburge

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|------Aachen, Wigeric 
of Luxembourg, Siegfried
|------, Ermentrude 

Gender: Male
Birth : 918 in Luxembourg
Death : 28 October 998
Family of Luxembourg - of Saxony
|------of Nordgau, Eberhard IV 
of Saxony, Hedwig
|     |-------Aachen, Wigeric 
|------of Triergau, Luitgarde 
      |-------, Ermentrude 

Gender: Female
Birth : 923 in Luxembourg
Death : 993
Luxembourg, Liutgard
Luxembourg, Frederic I

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|------Gand, Wickmann I 
Gand, Theodric
|     |-------of Flanders, Arnulf I 
|------Flanders, Ledgarde 
      |-------of Vermandois, Adele Alice 

Gender: Male
Birth : 956 in Flanders, Belgia
Family Gand - Holland
Marriage: 983

|------Holland, Diedrich I 
Holland, Hildegarde
|------Vermandois, Gerberge 

Gender: Female
Birth : 961 in Hollantti
Gand, Arnoul

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Gand, Wickmann I

Gender: Male
Birth : 920 in Flanders, Belgia
Family Gand - Flanders
Marriage: 955

      |-------of Flanders, Baudouin II the Bald 
|------of Flanders, Arnulf I 
|     |-------of Wessex, Elfrida 
Flanders, Ledgarde
|     |-------of Vermandois, Herbert II 
|------of Vermandois, Adele Alice 
      |-------Neustria, Hildebrante 

Gender: Female
Birth : 941 in Flanders, Belgia
Death : 29 September 964
Gand, Theodric

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Holland, Diedrich I

Gender: Male
Birth : 935
Family Holland - Vermandois
Vermandois, Gerberge

Gender: Female
Birth : 939
Holland, Hildegarde

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      |-------Gand, Arnoul 
|------Gand, Adalbert 
|     |-------Cleves, Lietgarde 
Gand, Ralph
|     |-------of Flanders, Baudouin IV the Bearded 
|------Flanders, Ermengarde 
      |-------Luxembourg, Otgive 

Gender: Male
Birth : 1022 in Flanders, Belgia
Family Gand -
Marriage: 1047 in Flanders, Belgium

, Gisele

Gender: Female
Birth : 1028 in Flanders, Belgia
Gand, Gilbert